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4 Signs You’re The Loner On The Team

Being a loner has never been known to be a good thing. It may have worked for John Bender and Jason Dean, but that’s high school, and those where characters from movies (extra points if you know which ones). These days, organizations are touting the need for collaboration so much so that it could send even the […]

How Good Managers Become Great Coaches

Coaching is a lot of things, but it isn’t a lot of the things it’s claimed to be: It’s not a quick fix. It’s not easy. It’s not a magical pill. AND it’s definitely not about you, the manager. Successful Managers know unlocking the employee’s potential to maximize their performance starts with listening. Here are 3 reminders to help […]

The 4 Letter Word Great Leaders Use

You’re ready to address your list of to-dos when unexpectedly your attention is needed elsewhere, or you’re stymied by a problem where you have no solution. Building on feeling frustrated, the internal feeling turns into resentment, anxiety, overwhelm, and ultimately defeat. Imagine a world without conflict. We could have the solutions to all of our concerns. We […]

4 Ways You Undermine Your Self-Worth

We all want to be there for our friends, family and colleagues but what happens when you start putting the needs of others in place of your own? The answer is simple, you self-worth suffers and you become depleted. That’s the problem with putting other people first, you’ve taught them that you come second. That’s […]

The Best Advice For Raising Future Leaders

48% of the workforce will be millennials by the year 2020* As a father of two young kids, I know parenting doesn’t come with instructions, you learn-as-you-go, navigating a course of action that hopefully provides a positive outcome. Never considering my training in executive coaching, psychology and organizational development would help me as a Dad; […]

5 Signs A Leader Should Step Down

We all know the pressures associated with sitting in a position of power, so why is it so many hang on to their “hot seat” well past their expiration date? History is paved with stories of public (and not so public) figures who where either removed from their post either by force or by their […]