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Goodbye C-Suite. Hello C-Sweet.

It used to mean something to have a few letters after your name on your business card or your office door. It still does, but those initials are changing. Even the initials that remain take on new meaning as the face of companies and businesses change. If the way we do things and, in fact, […]

Stop Asking Leaders To Be Authentic. Here’s Why.

In an age of ‘alternative facts’, ‘fake news’ and leaders who blatantly lie without blinking, we can’t be blamed for our search and desire for authenticity. It’s exhausting. But what are we looking for? The Truth? Maybe, we can’t handle the truth. Asking for authenticity from our leaders, be it our employees, teachers, mentors, bosses, […]

Creating An Emotionally Safe Workplace: What Managers Can Learn From Effective Parenting

An effective leader must possess various qualities and attributes in order to successfully motivate employees and create a safe, productive work environment. Many managers often overlook the importance of creating a workplace that is conducive to their employee’s emotional needs. If you want to ensure that your employees are productive and satisfied with their position, it […]

4 Signs You’re The Loner On The Team

Being a loner has never been known to be a good thing. It may have worked for John Bender and Jason Dean, but that’s high school, and those where characters from movies (extra points if you know which ones). These days, organizations are touting the need for collaboration so much so that it could send even the […]

How Good Managers Become Great Coaches

Coaching is a lot of things, but it isn’t a lot of the things it’s claimed to be: It’s not a quick fix. It’s not easy. It’s not a magical pill. AND it’s definitely not about you, the manager. Successful Managers know unlocking the employee’s potential to maximize their performance starts with listening. Here are 3 reminders to help […]

The 4 Letter Word Great Leaders Use

You’re ready to address your list of to-dos when unexpectedly your attention is needed elsewhere, or you’re stymied by a problem where you have no solution. Building on feeling frustrated, the internal feeling turns into resentment, anxiety, overwhelm, and ultimately defeat. Imagine a world without conflict. We could have the solutions to all of our concerns. We […]