What people are saying about joshua

“Joshua is by far one of the most motivational and real leaders I have met in the learning and development profession. He is clear, concise, and easy to understand – for even a truly complex challenge. Many people can have the experience and education of a seasoned professional, but Joshua’s ability to relate with people and put a goal into action is what truly sets him apart. If you have the opportunity to work with him in any facet, do NOT pass it up. Thank you for your expertise, Joshua!


Talent Development Manager, Pinnacle Entertainment

“I first began working with Joshua, a year ago, seeking to find a balance that was sorely missing in my life, as I single-midedly pursued my career goals- often at the expense of my wellbeing. Even though I have always been goal-driven, our work together has enabled me to more clearly crystalize what is truly important to me and to evolve both as a person and a leader. What makes Joshua so effective as a coach is that he is a truly powerful and compassionate human being who “walks the walk” and lives his life with the same degree of integrity that he asks of you. He is not afraid to go out on a limb and at times, his intuition or “spidey-sense” as he calls it, can be quite uncanny, helping to shed light and address subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) negative dynamics in the way I am thinking or being that have limited my success in the past. On a practical level, Joshua is the personification of an action-oriented taskmaster and I say this with all the kindness in the world. Our work together, frequently involves me stepping beyond my comfort zone, occasionally kicking and screaming, and yet his unwavering commitment to my stated goals has kept me on track and moving forward especially when I hit roadblocks along the way. Whether you want to evolve your business, find your life partner, complete a triathlon, or all of the above, Joshua is truly inspirational and a powerful person to have on your side. In a nutshell, he helps deliver on the promises you have made to yourself and failed to keep in the past. His contribution to my life has been of immeasurable value and I have nothing but the highest praise for him as a person and as a coach.”


Owner New York, Allergy and Asthma

Joshua is not your average professional in any way. He’s the type of person who fully invests in YOU and always gives you his best. What started out as informal conversation, soon became deep discussions about how I could achieve any goal I set for myself. Joshua’s insight and big-picture thinking is enlightening in so many ways. Just watching him successfully follow his own path is an inspiration in itself. Joshua doesn’t preach, but rather leads by example.”


Senior Recruiter, Syndicatebleu

“Headed to another well intended HR team building and Strength Finders event at Oakley, was assuredly going to be a long and “just get through it” kind of day. That was until Joshua eloquently, like the total pro he is, made us dig deeper to where real, meaningful and lasting change occurs. Over the past 3 years I’ve watched Joshua present to groups of 10-500 many times, and always walk out thinking to myself, “I need what he’s got!” What Joshua has is a command of interpersonal relationships, leadership training and a motivating sense that few have and ever fewer that can adroitly motivate and make us feel the change we all want and need to become the better organization we want so desperately to become. Joshua’s dig deeper, analytic and interpersonal thoroughness during our team building and Strength Finders off-site made a comprehensive and quantifiable impact on the sales leadership team at Oakley. Undoubtedly one of the best and still talked about and motivating leadership conferences I’ve ever attended. Joshua’s style and insightful laser focused approach allowed even the toughest critics to open up, grow and share like never before. Joshua is a total pro that I guarantee I will call on again in the future to lead, push and create better leaders for tomorrow. Damn well done!”


Vice President, Oakley Inc.

“I highly recommend Joshua for anyone seeking guidance and encouragement. I consulted him in a recent period of career transition and the guidance and tools he provided in only one hour have resonated strongly ever since.”


Coo, Board Member, Communications Specialist, Startup Food Company, Foundations