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Coach Joshua Miller has been featured on some of the most well-known podcasts internationally. He dissects the personal excuses and beliefs that keep us stuck in our own complacency. Then, teaches us how to break free from trying to live up to the lives of others and craft our own life. On every podcast, Josh brings gifts for the listeners from mailing them signed copies of his best-selling book to giving away free one on one coaching calls. Use the links below to listen in on the interviews.

You want a high-performance life, but you get lost in ‘how’ to get there. In the Steve Weatherford Show, former NFL Super Bowl Winning Champion, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and father of 5, Steve Weatherford peels back the layers to decode the secrets of a high-performance life. Including unscripted, real conversations with the world’s best, you’ll never be the same. Tune in every week to hear the real-life stories of the worlds best athletes, coaches, and entrepreneurs and discover real-world advice you need to reset your body and mind. Connect with Steve on Instagram @weatherford5 For show notes and resources go to

On the Happy Melly podcast, a creative leader in the world of executive development, Josh Miller talks about what it takes to be your authentic self, show up for your life and how we can emerge from complacency to live truly passionate and present lives.

Coaching has become a more complex job mainly because of how technology has changed the way people perceive and interact. Bestselling author Joshua Miller talks about his journey as a coach and how he realized how much technology has held back people from being curious. Joshua also discusses his book and highlights diversity and inclusion and how relevant they are to the world of coaching.

On The Mindset Game podcast, Master Certified Executive and Personal Coach, and TEDx speaker, Joshua Miller has fine-tunes the art of using questions to expand possibilities. He discusses the difference between open-ended and close-ended questions, and the importance of being present when asking these questions. He also explains how working on becoming more curious, humble, and vulnerable can help you connect with others and co-create magical new possibilities. And that’s just the beginning.