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You are full of shit.

I know, I just insulted you and it’s only the first sentence, but wait—let me explain.

You see, we are all full of shit. You and Me.

Scientifically speaking, we are all walking around with 5 to 10 pounds of crap inside of us, but this isn’t a diet book and I’m not here to tell you how to eat. I’m here to discuss a different type of shit…the bullshit.

You know, the type that robs us of our happiness, energy, and free time. When the BS takes us from enjoying our lives, we begin to settle and that’s when everything slowly goes downhill. We start settling in these moments and believe it’s okay, normal, or better yet, that we deserved it for some reason.

Newsflash: it’s not, and you deserve better.

These moments are what I call Bullshit and when you get enough of them strung together, it leads to a pretty safe and mediocre life.

You don’t have to settle for this, and that’s why I wrote this book. After coaching for 20 years, I can safely say every human being has to deal with these very BS moments.

Some people deal with these moments like they’re nothing. They become so used to settling, it’s as easy as breathing. Others are overcome by them, and it’s like a shark grabbing them by the ankles and pulling them underwater.

I wrote this book to strike a nerve and give you the insight and “aha” moment you need to take action. Calling BS is about full transparency and going for the core.

You have to be willing to look under the surface and discover what’s holding you back…

…not because you need to, but because you owe it to the person who’s waiting there to be discovered.

We all settle at times, but that too is a choice and just one of many options. We have all taken the shortcut or path of least resistance in our lives, but where has that gotten us? Are you completely fulfilled living a life with zero regrets? If so, feel free to return this book now. If not, I invite you to read on and discover just where you may have had a BS moment.

This book is a combination of my thoughts; life experiences (based on my mistakes); a brain dump (as one editor so kindly described it); and an amalgamation of coaching, advice, direction, and support to give you what I can only hope would be a spiritual colonoscopy that will uncover where you are unfulfilled, help you begin to think differently, and ultimately, get rid of your BS.

I promise you a bullshit-free book. Enjoy the read.

{Excerpted from: I Call Bullshit: Live Your Life, Not Someone Else’s © 2018 by Joshua Miller}

With leadership, Joshua Miller / www.JoshHMiller.com

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