choosing whom to follow

When it comes to pursuing what ignites your soul, the options are endless and quite subjective. One obvious and popular option is Linkedin, with it’s host of #influencers – it’s almost a given you can find someone, sharing something about a topic relevant to you and your current situation.

But what about the lesser known influencers who are both inspirational and aspirational on this platform?

The ones who are thought leaders in their own right but may not have a NY Times Best Seller or have a Ted Talk on their resume. This got me thinking:

  • Why don’t we (the users) compile a list of top “non-influencers” on Linkedin for everyone to uncover, discover, and learn from.

No algorithms, no big data or any outside bias – just your opinions and point of view. With millions of users on this site, the list should be amazing!

The floor is yours: What non-influencers do you follow on Linkedin and why?

Please leave your comment below as your insights are greatly appreciated and a learning opportunity for everyone reading this article.

With leadership,

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