issues encountered with Linkedin

It’s with a heavy and conflicted heart I write this post today. I have actually been sitting with this post, my feelings and this particular topic for a while now.

I want to be clear and upfront on a few key items:

  1. I am not condoning, endorsing or recommending anything.
  2. I have never misused or abused Linkedin or its platform in any way. That means no spamming, selling, stalking or phishing other members.
  3. I have been a Premium Paying Customer for many years and love what this platform “can” do for myself and others like me in the professional arena.

I do however firmly believe in getting what I pay for in life and understanding and recognizing what that “value” is and what’s attached to that value before moving forward (or in this case being a paying Premium Member).

This brings me to why I am writing this post. I am seriously conflicted after I received the letter below which I also believe many others received.

It would appear from this letter that I have surpassed the 30k connection mark. This is not new news to me but what did come as a shock was the policy and process in which I am now being told and enforced around this limit.

The item that really stung was the sign off:

“Thanks for being a valued Linkedin member”

  • What value?
  • Whose value?
  • How are you defining value?

If I go to a restaurant and order a 3 bean salad, I assume there will be 3 different beans – not 3 beans total. If I pay for premium gasoline, I am expecting top grade quality. If I am going to an all inclusive resort – you better believe I researched what’s included and what’s extra.

Herein lies the issue, problem and ultimately the challenge. 

I did my homework and read the policies. In fact, I have read them several times and nowhere did I see any mention of being penalized for making connections over the 30k threshold. I do however understand there are plenty people out there that abuse this platform daily. I am not one of those people nor intend to be.

Now for the naysayers and anti-LION people out there. I want to be clear that my disappointment is not with the number of connections allowed as much as it is with “how” it’s being addressed. I find the letter to be personally dismissive and upsetting to read.

For every single one of my 65k+ connections I have made, not once I have abused that honor or partnership and in fact – have committed myself to be an active voice on Linkedin through the following channels:

  • Daily motivational posts/quotes
  • Sharing articles I believe to be supportive around personal and professional success
  • Writing weekly Pulse Articles on topics I believe will uplift others
  • I reply to every sincere and professional message I receive and make numerous introductions for others within my network everyday

So fast forward to today, I sit here perplexed as to what to do with the loss of more than half of my valued and valuable network but more to the point – wondering if my being valued to Linkedin is an equal exchange.

Right now, it feels value is one-sided and I have a choice to make – like we all do each and every day which is to either opt in or opt out.

I haven’t truly made up my mind but I am hopeful someone at Linkedin will read this and understand that if you truly value your customers, than your actions should speak louder than your words.

More to come….

The floor is yours:
How do you feel about this topic?

Let’s please have an honest, open and professional dialogue 

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