recovering from a mistake

“Uh-oh” – Said anyone on Linkedin

We’ve all been there before…that moment when you hit post, only to then realize maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.

Sure we have the beautiful buffer of the “delete” function (after the fact) but what happens when your intentions are pure but the reception of your post is poor?

2016 saw my fair share of mixed reviews from some viewers based on something I posted (either in picture, quote or article form). I thought it was a good time to share a few survival tips on how to resuscitate your online presence should you audience toss a few virtual tomatoes at your direction.

Here are 5 basic triage steps in the event your Linkedin profile takes a hit based on a bad post:

Step 1: Don’t Panic

Although it’s a normal “fight or flight” reaction, the best thing to do is to try to remain calm and breathe. When your amygdala get’s triggered, your brain will send you into a state of threat. Focus on your breathing and look to calm down. Here is an excellent article and breakdown on how to lessen a panic attack in under 3 minutes.


Step 2: Find An Exit Strategy

Once you have settled down and realized that both your life, career and day isn’t over – it’s time to talk solutions. This could be as simple as hitting “delete” but may require more thought and attention if it’s something you posted hours or days ago. Here is what Li suggest on how to properly delete a post.

Step 3: Extinguish The Problem

Now it’s time to take action! Deleting your post (as mentioned in Step #2) is probably your best course of action however you may need to do more such as communicating directly to your inner circle and apologize if you may have unintentionally offended or upset someone. Secondly, you may need to reach out and directly address any messages you received from your audience. I can’t stress how important and challenging this piece can be to navigate. Here is an awesome article to help you: How to Continue the Conversation After Someone Writes You Back on LinkedIn.

Step 4: Keep Informed

Once you take action, you are only half way there. It’s key to stay informed and check in/back frequently with your network to ensure you took the most appropriate and timely action. You may not ever appease everyone but your goal and focus should be on restoring your Li profile and reputation. Keep on the look out until you feel better about the situation.


Step 5: Reconnect

If you made it this far, than congratulations! Now it’s time to get back in there and re/connect with your audience and network. Linkedin has so many people and so much to offer that putting yourself out there is the only way to create and add value. Don’t worry about your past post and don’t apologize (again) – move onward and upward. The publish button awaits!

Final thoughts: Whenever you are thinking of posting either an article, photo, quote or written piece – never assume you know or can/will please your entire audience. There are hundreds of millions of potential viewers on Linkedin which means potential feedback. Keep that in mind as they are all important but it’s also all subjective. Key reminders:

  • Be Responsible (If and when you post something, be accountable to yourself and your audience.)
  • Be Authentic (Stay true to yourself and your heart when posting. This can be the most challenging aspect to understand.)
  • Be Appropriate (Leave certain material for Facebook or other mediums and if you aren’t sure whether to post, the answer is probably yes.)
  • Be Professional (Use humor in good measure. Without flection or context, what you think or feel is funny – may not land for another.)
  • Be Brand Relevant (What you post is a reflection of you and the story you want to tell the world.)

The floor is yours: What’s your Linkedin profile success tip?

Please leave your comment below as your insights are greatly appreciated and a learning opportunity for everyone reading this article.

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