you are awesome

I know…I know…this guy? Right?

Trust me, there is a great reason for why I am writing this and it doesn’t have anything to do with the Note Book or La La Land. In fact, I thought it was time to simply write a short but poignant post about why you (the reader) are awesome and remind you of your greatness.

It’s so easy nowadays to forget who we are, what makes us special and how we can contribute to others’ lives. I compiled the list and here it is.

Remember, you are awesome so please don’t forget it – but if you do, feel free to revisit this list as often as you need to.

  • You help others get the job done
  • You change the world by providing a service
  • You provide for your needs and the needs of your family
  • You are a role model to others
  • You support growth in society at large and the local community
  • You choose to make the job you do more special
  • You learn patience and charity every day you try
  • You choose to have fun in all that you do
  • Your thoughts, at any time, are different than anyone else’s
  • You are the only unique you in a world of billions of others
  • You do things differently in words, actions, thoughts, quality, and attitude
  • You are the only one who can make your own choices
  • You choose to accept others just the way they are
  • You control your anger instead of letting it control you
  • You choose to see the potential in others, no matter what
  • You make jokes in the face of fear
  • You daydream with absolutely no purpose at all
  • You’re awesome through love
  • You are loved by someone, somewhere, even if you don’t know it
  • You parents love you no matter what, even if they don’t seem like it
  • You can accept yourself for where you are and where you aren’t
  • Your friends and family love you for who you are
  • You always seek forgiveness with a little bit of effort
  • You choose to show your love for others
  • You make a difference daily
  • You enable others to do what they do best
  • You set the trend for good and stop the trends of bad
  • You change your words to be golden gifts
  • You choose to talk nice to yourself at times of uncertainty
  • You give yourself permission to change
  • You make a lasting impact with what you leave behind
  • You choose to keep your words in, when you know they’d only hurt
  • You make another person feel special with a few short breaths
  • You program yourself for the better
  • You see the good in all, no matter their packaging
  • You learn to control and handle the bad reactions
  • You let others know you care by the way you try
  • You never give up, no matter what

With leadership,

Joshua /

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