Whether it’s whining, worrying, or welcoming – people’s reactions to dealing with the #coronavirus is having a significant impact in the workplace.

Doing their part in protecting their employees, and combating the spread of this virus, Twitter and Google announced a work from home policy and others are considering similar actions.

Managing a remote workforce isn’t a new concept. What is new is that working remotely may become obligatory to contain the virus spreading.

For more reasons than I can list, many people dislike not being in the office. Many people prefer human interaction and the ability to connect with colleagues and peers in real-time in real life.

Managers and leaders need to prepare for a workplace environment of less.

Managers and leaders need to prepare for a workplace environment of “less’

Less human contact.

Less in-person meetings.

Less context.

Less clarity in communication.

The demand for being able to work remotely yet still function at the highest levels will challenge the best of the best.

It will also require, collaboration at all levels. Leaders will be asked to do more with less and this will require three necessary skills to succeed.

Leadership will require Patience, Persistence, and Purpose.

Be Patient.

Recognizing that everyone will react differently to uncertainty, it’s critical leaders positively influence confidence amidst the chaos. Meeting people where they are, giving them space to share how they feel, be empathetic, truly listen to them. Connect with their hearts and their heads.

Be Persistent. 

Be committed to the health and welfare of your teams. Communicate with relentless clarity and listen with focus and intent.

Be Purpose.

Leadership reflects a sense of purpose. Inspire, influence, and lead from a place of purpose. People will respond to how you show up.

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Listen, learn, and look to calm and empower your people as they are looking at you for leadership. This is your call to action. Here’s an excellent article to help you get started.

The Floor Is Yours: 

How else can leaders support their people and the workplace during uncertain times?