“A picture can speak a thousand words, but a thousand words can paint you a thousand pictures”

Evy Michaels

We are living in a world drawing in information yet starving for wisdom.

And why is that?

Simply put, there is a lot of people making a lot of noise online.

Nowadays competition to win the heads and hearts of users on social media is at an all-time high and Linkedin is no exception. Just last year, Linkedin was averaging:

  • 7. 2 million posts, articles, and videos were published every day.

Cutting through the noise to find what truly speaks to you is a full-time job. So, when I come across content creators who know the power of a word and use them in a way that’s both unexpected and exceptional, it’s hard not to share with the world.

I believe you should surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart and nourish your soul.

In no particular order, these are some of those people:

Dov Baron: A man who lets his actions as a true servant leader drive his passion and purpose for curating curiosity in his readers and followers. Clear on who he is and what he delivers, there’s no topic off-limits and there’s nothing he isn’t willing to try in service of his deep purpose. Get ready to think deep thoughts and go inward to the true “heart of the matter” as that’s where his work lives.

Tony Abbacchi: Tony’s ability to play with words while tugging at your heart is unconventional as it is uncanny. A visual string of sentences that takes you on a ride through your subconscious conjuring a flood of thoughts, emotions, and aspirations leaving you wanting more. Tony is willing to share about the darker sides of being human in a raw, real and relevant fashion. It’s hard to not read his words and get inspired if not ignited with passion. Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

Bryon Remo: One of the most thoughtful people when it comes to content, comments and engagement with others. Bryon is a remarkable human being whose stand for serving others can be seen from miles away. Always elevating the conversation to a new level, Bryon adds a lens that’s a mix of therapy, coaching, and realism. The brighter side of the street is where you will find him. If you are seeking relevant, relatable and resourceful content…join him:

Michael David ChapmanTo experience a personal pain is something we all have in common but when it comes to sharing your pain, growth and learning online, that’s where the similarities stop. Michael’s ability to deliver the unfiltered truth as a lesson to his readers without arrogance or animosity makes his content powerful, potent and timely. Ready to go “there” at a moments notice, and tackling the issues many don’t wish to discuss makes him a favorite of mine and thousands of others on the platform.

Talal: There are many people on Linkedin who talk about leadership but few appear to live it in real life that is of course until you read Talal’s content. At the core of his consistent messaging are themes of decency, compassion, leadership, selflessness, and engagement. He doesn’t just talk about engagement on Linkedin but models it in real life. Selfless in action and strong with conviction, Talal’s content speaks to the spirit of us all as leaders and his call to action for us to help ourselves as well as each other is a life lesson we can all learn on a daily basis.

Kiristin: Not for the faint of heart but definitely leads with it. One might say brash, I would argue bold. A mother, a successful business leader and the comedic gene that is rarely seen on this platform. A natural storyteller with the ability to promote her company in the most unobtrusive way is just one of the ways her brilliance shines. Funny, irreverent and smart, if you are having a bad day I suggest reading her content and “wipe” that bad mood away.

Adam Horvath: Many people post videos online but few have mastered the ability to write thought-provoking messaging and content to accompany it. Adams’s videos always make me think or squirm (or both) depending on the day but his words never miss the mark. Always positive and always looking at you, the reader with a challenge to better yourself. What I appreciate most is that he will both engage and challenge his readers based on his content and your responses so be ready to engage. He cares and that’s a great thing.

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In the end, words left unsaid will sit inside of your head and heart screaming, waiting to get out.

Let them out.

Let others feel them.

Those who are ready will receive them.

The Floor Is Yours: 

Who do you follow on Linkedin and Why?