linked functionality improved for users

Editors note: I wrote this entire post on my phone while sitting in gridlock traffic on 680. It was spawned after (re)reading Dr. Golemans article on Linkedin and it’s entrepreneurial spirit of providing a global platform for its users to share knowledge, ideas and themselves.   I am sure the geniuses at Linkedin have already thought about this stuff but I thought it may be worth writing about.  I am also not quite sure what type of response this will receive if any but here it goes. One last piece: I want to stress that I am not a coder nor play one in real life. 

Those who know me, know I am a huge fan and supporter of Linkedin both on and offline. Online, I use their technology daily to grow both my professional network as well as my personal mission and passion to support others in their own personal and professional development. Offline, Linkedin is blazing a trail as a champion of workplace culture and the development of their employees.

Upon reading a recent article by someone I respect, admire and follow — Dr. Goleman passionately wrote about not only his admiration for Mr. Weiners company and platform but laid out what he thought could provide Linkedin and it’s users the opportunity to make a more positive impact in the world. After reading and rereading his post, I immediately began brainstorming how might my own Linkedin experience expand into new areas allowing further connectivity and opportunity for its users.

1) inKED
This would be a function similar to a where people who are passionate about a certain cause could start their own Petition directly from their profile.

2) inVEST
This would be a function designed to Crowd Fund for a possible project or business initiative you and/or your company are starting.

3) inCROWD
This would be a function designed to create your own Advisory Board. By either looking through your contacts or searching for people you would like to be on your board, these people would have displayed a certain icon or mark that tells you they are not only open to being on a board but have potentially met certain criteria to legitimize their candidacy to be elected by another Linkedin user.

4) inVOLVE
Playing directly off of Dr. Goleman’s thoughts for playing up the good deeds and Volunteerism of it’s users – allow others to share their interest with another users cause or platform allowing for not only an exchange of ideas but support for something bigger than just one person. If a user saw on another persons profile that they were involved in a specific cause that resonated with them, they would have the opportunity to click and connect with that persons specific need.

5) inSIGHT
This function would allow you to post a project, assignment, problem statement or something you and/or your company is working on and is looking for new and fresh Ideas. The user could post something directly to their profile or to another section similar to a pulse where any user could offer up their input, advice, insight or direction. Similar to many companies who practice this type of forum such as IDEO as a way to engage in a broader population of both support and connectivity.

This function would allow any user to nominate or highlight someone from their network on their profile page who went above and beyond the call of duty. In the same vein as many news channels highlight a local Hero; someone in the community doing something great in terms of giving back – this could be the same concept but within the Linkedin community of users. The name speaks to the endless loop of giving and the gift of being selfless. This could be done anonymously similar to how many companies internally promote other employees or openly.

I am truly not sure what I expect if anything from posting this but I do know one thing – and that is Linkedin does provide its’ users the opportunity to speak openly and express themselves while laying down the foundation for people to voice their ideas. Thank you Jeff Weiner and the entire Linkedin population for creating such a wonderful and powerful place to open ones mind and explore what’s possible.