people like you when you have likable traits
  1. Be generous with the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Hold doors open for everyone and anyone if the situation permits.
  2. Be of service; however, never expect anything in return for helping out.
  3. Be an expert in an area that few others are; therefore, your input will always be highly valued.
  4. Be open. Look to create win-wins everywhere. Try to (temporarily) adopt another person’s values and beliefs instead of standing your ground and arguing why you think what they believe in is wrong.
  5. Be enthusiastic. It goes a long way, from speaking to handshakes.
  6. Be approachable. Smile. It’s welcoming, attractive and also a key interaction starter.
  7. Be quiet (at times). Don’t Get Sucked Into Office Gossip The problem with gossip is that it doesn’t end, but continues to spread. People who are willing to share gossip about others might also do it to you down the road. If you hear someone gossiping, just walk away. Don’t engage them and don’t add to it.
  8. Be a catalyst. Bring out the best in others. Provoke the best in people even if they are hard to crack.
  9. Be courteous. Never look at your watch or computer during a conversation or meeting. It shows that you have somewhere more important to be and is disrespectful.
  10. Be your most authentic self. The last thing you need is to have a split personalities to deal with each group of friends and coworkers.
  11. Be attentive. Most of all, remember peoples’ names. This is something which we are all bad at but with practice, this simple gesture can be a huge reason why people like you.
  12. Be punctual. Always be on time for everything. Making people wait tends to be seen as a sign of disrespect and shows a lack of integrity on your part.
  13. Be humble. Display confidence (not arrogance) with yourself, what you’re saying, what you’re wearing and what you’re doing. People are attracted to “experts” who are generally confident in their abilities. Demonstrate this attitude and people will be willing to listen.
  14. Be curious. Ask people about themselves. Rather than spending an entire conversation talking about themselves, well-liked people instead put the focus on the people they’re with.

It’s important to note here that being likable does not mean that you act artificial. Don’t make jokes if that isn’t your personality, don’t try and force a huge smile on your face when it isn’t sincere, and never tell lies that compliment people in an effort to be liked. If you feel like you’re “trying to hard” you probably are. Pause, take a deep breath and refocus. The key is to discovering and developing who you are at your most authentic level.