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Fact: The average person will spend roughly90,360 hours at the office over the course of their lifetime.

Staying engaged at work can be challenging. So much so, the Gallup Organization recently reported that in 2016; only 32.6% of individuals felt engaged in the workplace. Not a very promising stat and if you read the full report, you will understand the various factors that led to that number.

There’s no denying the long list of reasons why we check out while being on the job.

Stress and pure boredom tend to take the top spots but the list is quite long. Although science has told us about the benefits of being bored, it doesn’t help you when you have a pile of work on your desk that needs to get done by 5pm.

“We all want to love where we work, what we do, and who we do it for”

For many this quote rings true everyday, but for the rest of us, the spark has faded. What was once a glorious job has slowly become a standard, lack-luster, show up and collect a paycheck J-O-B.

If you’re reading this wondering if your spark is on it’s way to eternal darkness, fear not. The following 10 signs should give you a better perspective on whether you’re ready to call it quits or resuscitate your current role.

  1. You feel stuck. If you feel like you’ve learned all there is within your current role and a promotion is not a realistic option, it could be a sign you have a j-o-b.
  2. You play it safe. If you find that your interest and desire to raise your hand in a meeting, ask for the big assignment or would rather silence your opinion, it could be a sign of having a j-o-b.
  3. You have given up. Sounds like the obvious answer, but if you’ve lost the will to care and find you are doing the bare minimum at work, chance are you have a j-o-b.
  4. You hit the snooze bar too much. If the thought of going to work on Sunday keeps you from having fun on your weekend and going to sleep at night signals the end of your happiness, it could be sign you have a j-o-b.
  5. You feel like the hamster on the wheel. Our brains are hardwired to learn and absorb what’s around us. Tasks and the monotony that accompanies it can seriously tax both your engagement level and overall job satisfaction. Being a SME is one thing, being stuck is entirely different. If you find yourself stamping the same TPS Report everyday, it could be a sign of having a j-o-b.
  6. Your learning has hit a dead end. As I mentioned, your brain is naturally designed to learn but if there is nothing to engage in, it will begin to shut down. If expanding your mindset and skill-set is no longer possible, it could be sign of having a j-o-b.
  7. You are no longer competitive. Workplace competition can indeed be a healthy thing but if you find that you no longer care to win let alone be in the race, then it could be a sign of having a j-o-b.
  8. You are losing your focus. If you find that the basic smaller day-to-day tasks are being forgotten, you are preoccupied with both your life outside the office while trolling the latest Facebook feed on company time, it could be a sign of having a j-o-b.
  9. Your work-life balance is suffering. Too much work (without a healthy dose of play) makes anyone a bit dull. It’s also the quickest way to check out from your job. If you find that you are having more mail sent to your office then you do at home, it may be a sign that you have an imbalance and j-o-b.
  10. You don’t feel challenged. Your job should challenge you to be better, bigger and bolder in your area of interest. This doesn’t have to mean pain, suffering or stress but rather a sense of yearning, learning and development. If you feel you are being underserved and possibly undervalued, it could be a sign of having a j-o-b.

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